【Type】Surgical Mask 【Model】RZWK

【Standard】EN14683:2019【Protection Grade】TypeⅠ、TypeⅡ、TypeⅡR

【Components】It is composed of mask body, nose clip and ear loops.

【Performance and application】Worn by medical staff when handling open wounds, covering

 the mouth, nose and chin of users, providing physical barrier against pathogens,

 microorganisms, body fluids, and particles, etc.

【Instructions】Open the mask with the white side to face. Hold the mask by the ear loops.

 Place a loop around each ear and pinch the nose clip to the shape of your nose. Avoid hand

 contact with the inside of the mask.


 1. Do not use when expired.

 2. For one-time use only, destroy it immediately after use or throw it into special treatment

 box immediately.

 3. Do not use if the package is damaged. Destroy it immediately or throw it into special

 treatment box immediately.

 4. Not suitable for people sensitive to non-woven fabric.

 5. Please refer to the instructions before use.

【Storage】Stored at room temperature(25℃±5℃) with good ventilation, non-corrosive

 environment and no more than 80%  relative humidity. Avoid high temperature.

【Date and LOT No. of manufacture】See outer package or qualified certificate.

【Expiration date】24 months in the correct storage environment.